First time golfing !

Yesterday the roommate took us golfing at Chelsea Piers Golf Club. I will admit that I had never touched a golf club in my life and I was a little bit scared… And it’s not like if I have two left hands… But I was not alone in this case, the husband who never practiced golf either could not be better than me?

So we went to the practice, rented two golf clubs and started to swing !

So, we golf or at least we tried! It’s not easy the first time … Just holding the club correctly is a real challenge … I don’t even speak of  having the correct position and at the same time aiming to reach the ball… But I managed! Yes! I hit the ball and it went a bit far … (Well after several unsuccessful attempts, but shhh!)

It was fun and with the husband we said that we would return! :)

The rental of clubs is not really expensive, we needed to rent 3 clubs and it cost us only $6! After you have to buy card for the balls. For 147 balls (why 147?) it costs $25, which is not excessive. Yesterday we had to play with fifty balls each, which is a little tiring.

For those visiting or living in NYC  I put the link to the Facebook page of the Chelsea Piers Golf Club which provides one free $5-card  (30 balls) and complete informations needed to go there ;) It’s here !

PS: Well I must admit, the husband is doing better than me… The proof in pictures here!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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