Organic products on my plate.

Tonight we will do our shopping and after seeing the movie Food Inc. with the husband,  I can tell you that we will try to put as much as possible organic products in our cart. I was already trying to pay attention before, but now I can tell you that I am determined to eat  natural as much as possible.

Food Inc. is a documentary (which I advise everyone to see!) about agriculture and food production in USA. Here’s the trailer:

Monsanto and pesticides are everywhere, animals are raised in their feces and crammed with hormones…

Production in France is perhaps not so horrible, but I think that there are great similarities …

Certainly, eat organic has a cost, especially in the U.S. where fruits and vegetables are already expensive. But we’ll test it once to see the price of our cart and maybe we will redo the experience. Also, I will try to go to market more often to buy local products and not eat products that have crossed all the country before arriving on my plate. And I will try to buy products of the season. Eat strawberries in December, is not a problem there?

You’ll tell me that it’s annoying, we have not the same choice if we only buy seasonal vegetables. Yes, that I agree, but why not buy vegetables in season and freezing them ?

After seeing this documentary I seem to get intoxicated every time I eat an apple … Eating organic food is healthier and it’sbetter for the planet! ;)

And you, do you eat organic? local? products of the season? 


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