Our first organic shopping: a success!

As I said yesterday,  we decided to put more and more organic, local and seasonal products in our shopping cart and on our plates!

  • We started doing our shopping in our usual supermarket.

I found most things that I needed, either fresh or frozen food. Fruits and vegetables (in season!), meat, dairy … I have just a small problem, no steak or pasta … Prices seemed to be reasonable. Fruits and vegetables are already expensive here, so I haven’t seen a difference but the meat has a higher cost…

  • I completed my shopping at the organic supermarket near the house.

There I could find pasta and tomato sauce, organic chips for the husband… They have a whole aisle of hygiene products and cosmetics and I was able to find ecological detergent for the dishwasher.

  • And I would try the Whole Foods Supermarket…

We can fin these organic shops everywhere, and the closest to our house is in Manhattan. I didn’t had a chance to go there yet, but I will try it soon!

  • … And the farm market!

In Hoboken, it is present only in summer, so if I want to find one now, I have to go to Manhattan where they are open all year.


Budget: I need between 350 and 400 dollars (about 260 to 300 euros) a month to make organic meals for 2 people, which does not seem excessive.

Organic products are now invited on our cart every time we do our shopping!

What do you think about it? What is your budget for organic food?


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