My blog is Carbon neutral !

There are no little things when we talk about saving the planet! Every little thing  is great: turn off the TV rather than leaving it on standby, take public transportation, bike or walk when it’s possible instead of driving, recycle waste, turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth, use a soap rather than a shower gel, use reusable boxes rather than plastic bags, use both sides of a sheet before recycling it…

My green act today is to plant a tree that will compensate CO2 emissions of my blog! And this is possible thanks to the operation Blog zéro Carbone of Bonial.

bonial – promos et catalogues en ligne – un petit geste pour la planète

A blog emits on average 3.6 kg of CO2 per year: visiting a web page produces about 20 milligrams of CO2. And a tree absorbs about 5kg per year.

So bloggers, please do it and plant a tree!

And you, what are your environmental actions everyday ?



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