My son his eating everything! For now…

Since he is 4 months, Ethan started to eat fruits and vegetables, but also rice cereal. And he likes it! Or should I say, he loves it!

For now I have not found one thing that he does not like. The beginnings were a bit little difficult, one day he was eating carrots, the next day he did not want to … and it was the same for beans and zucchini … But since a few weeks he is eating well and everything we give him. To tell you, I did not even have time to bring the spoon to the bowl that Mr. is already grumbling because he wants more…



So he eats:

  • Vegetables : carrots, sweet potatoes , potatoes , green beans , peas, zucchini and butternut squash .
  • Fuits : apples, pears, bananas, plums and prunes .

We will also start oatmeal cereals , just to change a little bit and get used to this very popular breakfast cereal.

Regarding cereals I mix them with milk and sometimes I even add fruit.

Ethan eats organic homemade ( My Babycook, I love you! ) as well as baby food that I buy (yes, I know this is not good, blah blah blah … ) when I do not have time to prepare something or that we are going out (or if Mr. Ethan is super hungry and I do not have time to do homemade food! )

And I feel that there is much more organic jars / food for children in USA than in France . There are lots of  brands that offer different sorts of small jars, cereals, cakes, snacks …


Next month we will introduce chicken and yogurt.

I hope that he will continue to enjoy eating and especially that it continues to eat everything! :)

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