6 months!

Here we are! 6 month-old already….

Two quarters… Half a year… It seems that Ethan joined us yesterday… Time goes so fast!


Thousands of smiles, hundreds of bottles and baby jars swallowed (I will not talk about the number of diapers changed, huh, I will be nice with you :p)

Ethan knows very well how to make us understand when he longer wants to eat, when he is thirsty, tired or need a diaper change. Mr. growls when he is thirsty and he rubs his ear or turns his head when doesn’t want to eat. We try to make him laugh so we can put a spoonful or two in his mouth, but he now understood the trick and laughs with his mouth closed!

He loves when we jump with hin in our arms or when we kiss him on the neck. It makes him laughed so much!

He now starts to have a lot of hairs and he is in the 82th percentile for weight and height.

We had to expand his play area because he was moving so much! So now our living room looks like a daycare!




… After!


Ethan is a baby who brought joy to his parents everyday!

— — — — — — — — — — —

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