My first time couponing!

Last week was my first time shopping with coupons and I am quite proud of me! I live in NJ and for this first time I went to CVS.

The retail value was $146.12 and I paid $55.47. So, it’s a saving of 62.03%.


(I also bought 2 Eddy’s Ice Cream)

I only bought product in sales and matched-up with coupons that I had. I did 2 transactions: the first one with all the products that had Extra Bucks coupon (so I had 17 bucks at the end of the transaction) and the second one with the rest of the stuff that I bought and I paid a big part of it with the $17 that i won in the first transaction.


And yesterday I bought this 3 laundry detergent for only $3.49 at Walgreens! The retail value was $17.37, so it’s a saving of 80.08%!

I use mostly, Redplum and Smart Source to find coupons. Also you can have coupons on a lot of website brands.

Those website are really useful for people shopping with coupons, I use them all the time:

And you, are you shopping with coupons? Do you have any advice to do better next time?

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