My baby sleeps in his own bed

Since he is born, Ethan has always been sleeping in his own bed. In his bassinet for the first two months, and after that in his crib (Ethan was a big baby so the bassinet war really too small after that…)


My « small » baby was less than 3 weeks on those pictures… So you can understand why he was too big for his bassinet after 2 months !

We didn’t want to cosleep with him. We were afraid to lay on him at night or make him suffocate. I was always afraid he would move and end up with his head in our pillows or duvet cover. And it was better for our life as a couple.

He did not sleep with us but he slept in our room until we moved in early January, just before his 8 months. We have the misfortune of having a baby who still wakes up at night … We had hope sometimes, some nights he slept for 7 or 8 hours straight so we believed in an improvement and then the next night he would wake up 2 or 3 times again… So to make him sleep in our room was mostly a practical matter.


First time in his crib!

Since we moved, Ethan sleeps in his playroom and he will go in his real room this weekend when we will have finished his room. We have no trouble with him sleeping away from us. At the beginning he was crying because he was afraid of this new place but he doesn’t seem to have been disturbed to not sleep next to us.

In the last few weeks we took Ethan in our bed sometimes because he woke up a lot or he was sick or he was teething … I was so tired and wanted so much to take some rest that I decided to take him with us in the bed and then he would fall asleep in my arms and I could close my eyes for a few minutes . But contrary to what I feared, it was never a hassle to put him back in bed the next night or during his naps.

When my husband leaves for work in the morning, it is usually the time when Ethan is awakening. Michael brings him to our bed and Ethan drinks his bottle. Sometimes he falls asleep next to me or in my arms. And since a few days I found out that he was moving a lot, that he couldn’t fall asleep next to me. So I put him back in his bed where he falls asleep peacefully in a few minutes! So I was able to do the same! ;)

Even my baby doesn’t want to sleep with me!

And, how does it works for you? Do you sleep with your baby?

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