Eating and drinking, made in America, from A to Z


WARNING : You have to read this post only if your stomach is full, otherwise you will eat all your fridge and your pantry… ;)

A for… Apple Pie

Apple pie – Source

B for… Bagel, Brownie and Black and white cookies

Black and white cookie – Source

C for… Corndogs and Crab Cakes. Or for Cheesecake and Cupcakes the must known NYC desserts.

Cupcake – Source
Corndogs – Source

D for… Dumplings and for Donuts. So yummy!

Dumplings - Source
Dumplings – Source

E for… Eggnog and Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict – Source

F for… French fries and French Toast.

French Toast

G for… Ginger Ale. I like it so much!

H pour… Hamburger and Hot dogs. I discovered that you can even it you hot dog with sauerkraut!


I for… Ice cream and Iced Tea.

J for… Jerky! My husband could eat several pounds of it at once ;)

Beef Jerky – Source

K for… Knish and Key Lime Pie, the famous dessert from Florida!

Key Lime Pie - Source
Key Lime Pie – Source

L for… Lobster roll, never tried it but looks so yummy! And L for Lemonade. 

Lobster Roll -
Lobster Roll – Source

M for… Muffins and Mac and Cheese.

Mac and Cheese - Source
Mac and Cheese – Source

N for… Nachos.

Nachos - Source
Nachos – Source

O for… Oreo! I tried the Cookie Dough Oreo last week and they are sooooo gooood!


P for… Pizza, Pastrami, Pancake, Peanut butter and Pretzel (In France we call them Bretzel)


Q for… Quesadillas, an other mexican food that you can find in NYC.

R for… Ribs.

Ribs - Source
Ribs – Source

S for… Stromboli and for the famous S’mores.

Smores - Source
Smores – Source

T for… Tacos and Tater Tots.

Tater Tots - Source
Tater Tots – Source

U for… Udon Noodles (this one was not easy to find ;) )

V for… Veggie chips, we don’t have them in France ;)

W pour… Wings!

X for…  XXX, my favorite Vitamiwater

Y for… Yogurt or I shoul say Frozen Yogurt! I wannnnt oooneeee!

Frozen Yogurt - Source
Frozen Yogurt – Source

And Z for… Zinfandel, my favorite American Rosé :)


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