Dolphy personalized educational games, a unique PC game for your kids!

A few days ago I was contacted by Dolphy who asked me if I wanted to review one of their products. I accepted and tested it for you (Ethan is still to young to play video games ;) )

Have you heard about Dolphy games before? No?

Dolphy products are the only educational products which speak to your child using his own name. « Well done Ethan! » or even « Ethan, we’re doing well »… your child is guided, encouraged when he succeeds and comforted when he doesn’t by the game using his own name. The child feels like the games were created for him and it makes him enthusiastic.

No matter how unique your child’s name may be, Dolphy can incorporate it into the game!

There is two different games :

  • One for toddlers (2-4 years old) that includes 7 different games:


Shape Recognition         Animal Recognition

Fruit & Veggies Recognition


Object Recognition        Color Recognition

Let’s learn how to count

Memory Game
Includes 2 levels and 4 fun categories

  • One for the older kids (4-10 years old) that includes 9 games:

 Animal Words: Enhances reading & writing skills at different levels.

 Animal Letters: Learning to recognize letters and write them

 Animal Math: From digit recognition through 6th grade math exercises

 Memory Game: Includes 2 levels and 4 fun categories

 Checkers: Includes 3 levels – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

 Tic Tac Toe: Includes 3 levels – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

 Numbers Puzzle: Enriches your child’s logic skills

 The Word Game: Develops your child’s vocabulary and logic skills

 Spelling Bee: Teaches Reading & Writing with great animation and graphics.

I reviewed the version for the 4-10 years-old kids and I loved the fact that interface is easy to use. Children are well guided and can easily use it alone while Mom and Dad are doing homework with the big brother, having a coffee break or doing the dishes… ;)

I really liked the Animal Words and Animal Maths games that reward the child with a part of a picture each time their response is right.

The only con I found for this game is that you can only use it on a PC, or with a Mac if you have a Windows emulator.


Your kids will have so much fun with this game they’ll never realize that they are learning!

You can follow Dolphy :

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Dolphy offers you to win 5 sets of games for the age of you choice and personalized with the name of your child.

You can enter the giveaway from February 28th to March 15th at 11:59EST

Good luck everyone!

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