The Kids playroom

We moved in our new apartment last July, so I had to redo a lot of decoration to really feel « at home »

Today I wanted to share with you my favorite room of the house (and the favorite room of our kids I hope!): the playroom!

In our apartment we have 3 bedrooms: one for us, one for the kids and one that we use as a playroom. We have a railroad style apartment and the bedrooms are all connected so it’s easier to let the kids sleep in the same bedroom and to have a playroom for when one of them is awake. So they don’t have to walk trough each other bedroom when they want to go to the living room to play.






All the furniture come from Ikea: not to expensive and all the boxes and bookshelves are really great to put all the toys in it.

About the decoration, I wanted something colorful. I choose some stickers that are not only decoration but let them learn things too: the alphabet and the words associated with each letters and the maps of the USA and the world.


IMG_20150223_121549Some books and the couch to read them while relaxing.



Puzzles and wooden toys…



… cars…


… some blocs…IMG_20150223_121258… and some animals…


… and some music instruments!

And, of course, I will let you think that the room is always tidy, like in these pictures! :p

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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