[We tried for you] The Cozymorpho and the Cozycover from Babymoov

On Christmas Eve, we were lucky to receive a really big package, not from Santa but from Babymoov!

IMG_20141224_224814In this big box we found several of their products of this French brand that we were able to try for you!

Among them: the Cozymorpho and the Cozycover.

The Cozymorpho


  • What is it? 

This is a memory foam cushion adapted to babies’ morphology. The baby wedge edges and the ergonomic headrest ensure a good back and head support of the newborn. The cushion allows the baby to feel at ease, reassured and to rest peacefully. The cushion can be used in the playpen but also in the bouncer, in the car seat or in the cradle (with harness 2, 3 or 5 points).

  • For who? 

The Cozymorpho is adapted to babies from birth to 6 months.

  • Video of the Cozymorpho:

  • Our opinion: 

The Cozymorpho is really handy and Timothy was immediately reassured when we laid him on it. We use it in our playpen while he is still a little baby, for more confort.



We also used the Cozymorpho in our stroller: Timothy can’t lie down because of his reflux so we have to use the seat of our stroller that is not really adapted to newborns. The seat of the stroller is too large for him and the Cozymorpho is really convenient and allows him to be more secure in the stroller!


The cushion is lightweight and can easily be taken anywhere. We thoroughly enjoyed his versatility and the fact that it can be used in lots of different situations (playpen, stroller…). It is machine washable and it dries very quickly (tested and approved several times!), and this is a very enjoyable point!

The Cosycover


  • What is it?

This is a very simple method to swaddle your baby! You can put his arms on the sides or crossed on the chest. After spending nine months in the womb of his mother, the baby feels reassured by being swaddled. The cover helps the baby to sleep better by avoiding sudden movements that can wake him up.

  • For who?

The Cosycover can generally be used up to 3 or 4 months. However, each child is different and prefer to be swaddled longer or not.

  • Video of the Cozycover:

  • Our opinion:

Like we did for Ethan, we decided to swaddle Timothy from birth and it changed our nights (and our days!) The swaddling is widespread in the United States and there are various ways to swaddle babies (with a swaddle blanket or with some cover like the SwaddleMe one …), but the Cosycover is by far the easiest way to do it!

The installation of the baby in the Cosycover takes a few seconds and Timothy falls asleep right away once swaddled.


We clearly see a difference in the Timothy’s sleep (and this was also the case for Ethan when he was a baby) when swaddled or not. Once in the Cozycover he feels like in our arms and he has no unwanted awakenings.

Timothy may be a very big baby, we’re going to be able to use the Cosycover for a long time, unlike other swaddles that we owe and that have already started to be too small (and he is only 7 weeks). The bottom of the cover can be folded when the child is still very small (as pictured below), this allows him to feel more reassured.


Its material is very soft and airy and the Cosycover is also machine washable.


– — — — — — — — — –

Two products we therefore advise expectant parents and parents of young babies to buy! How can’t you want a baby more comfortable when he plays or is in his stroller and to have a baby that sleeps better at night? ;)

You can find complete information about the Cozymorpho and the Cozycover and about retailers on the Babymoov webste.

And don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! :)

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