[We tried for you + Giveaway] The digital humidifier from Babymoov

Thanks to  Babymoov, we were able to try their digital humidifier for you! ;) It arrived on Christmas Eve, along with the Cozycover and the Cozymorpho which I talked about some time ago, a nice gift under the Christmas tree! It has been three months now that we use it and we love it!


  • The digital humidifier, what is it?

It is a programmable humidifier with integrated thermometer and hygrometer (measure the humidity of the air). Dry air can lead to respiratory problems in young children, such as bronchitis for example, and the digital humidifier is the perfect solution to remedy to this by purifying the air and allowing control of the temperature and the humidity rate.

It is equipped with a LCD display that can be locked to prevent children from changing settings and a essential oils diffuser, perfect when children are sick.

The humidifier also has a night light function with blue and red LEDs.


  • The digital humidifier in video:

  • Our opinion:

We are delighted with this humidifier! It is quiet and its size is perfect for a bedroom. Thanks to its LCD screen you can set it really easily.

We use it in Ethan’s room and we noticed that he sleeps a lot better since we installed it, Ethan is coughing a lot less at night and wakes up less to drink than before. And it improves our nights too ;)

Its capacity is perfect, allowing it to run overnight (Ethan usually sleeps 12 hours a night and it’s still running in the morning).

We also like the fact that we can use it as a night light and Ethan asks us to put the blue light before going bed each night.


For more information about Babymoov’s product you can consult their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram !

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Today Babymoov is spoiling you too and you can participate to win a digital humidifier, like the one we have tried!

To participate it is very simple, just fill out the form below!

Good luck :)

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And the winners is…

Julesetmoa ! Congratulations :)

Thanks everyone for participating and thanks to Babymoov for offering these wonderful gift!

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Giveaway open to France and to the United States until April 7, 2015, 11:59 p.m. EST.

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